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Where should I put it? Is my roof large enough?  When we make a Site Visit, we will determine the best possible placement for your system. We can also discuss whether a ground mount system might work for you as well. 

What kind of roof can I put a system on?  There are mounting designs for almost any type of roof including concrete tile, steel panel and asphalt shingle. It is advisable to consider replacing an old roof before installing solar over it, or doing repairs that may be necessary. 

Does my house have to face south?  A south facing system has optimal production; however, southeast and west facing systems can also produce excellent results. Other factors, such as array tilt, exposure and location affect the final results.

Do I need batteries?  Grid interconnected solar systems do not require any storage batteries. Excess energy produced flows back into the power grid giving the customer a credit towards future use. In essence, the grid is the storage facility. Battery backup systems for emergency power failures are available, but are usually not cost effective unless the customer experiences long periods of power outage.  

Can I run my pool, spa, AC with solar? Yes, your home will operate just as it does now because the power your system generates flows into your electric meter. Your electrical appliances are not affected by the source from which the energy is generated. 

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