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How much does a solar system cost?  No doubt, the upfront cost of a solar system sounds high. For example, the net cost of a 5-10 kw system runs into thousands of dollars and this often scares people off before they've had a chance to consider the comparative cost with their utility bill. To understand the financial benefits of solar, click here to read all about Joe and Jeff

What size system do I need? System size is determined by your overall annual usage, measured in kilowatt hours, not by building square footage or other factors.

  • First step: find out your annual kilowatt usage by calling tour utility, PG&E or SMUD.
  • Second step: Think about your energy objective; whether you want to zero out your bill, or bring it down to the tiers with the lower rate.
  • Third step: call All Solar Electric and get a free consultation and quote.

What are the rebates and incentives? Utility provider rebates exist throughout the state of California and in other states as well. The rebate is a cash payment back to the system owner or can be taken as partial payment by us.  A federal tax credit of 30% of the net system cost, after rebate, is also available. On commercial or business ccounts, this tax credit may be paid as a one-time cash grant in the year 2010.  Accelerated depreciation is another tax advantage for businesses, dramatically reducing the recovery time on a solar investment. 

Is financing available?  Yes, there are a number of options available. Please feel free to discuss these with one of our representatives.

How do I sell my electricity back to the utility company? As the owner of an on-grid solar system, you are continually ‘banking’ the power it generates all day long. On-grid systems have a Net Metering agreement with their utility provider so the power credits your system generates are applied towards your overall annual total.  With a solar system, you pay nothing on your electric bill for the next 12 months. At the end of the 12 month period you receive a ‘true-up’ bill that balances your power credits against your power usage. 

What is the lifespan of a solar system?  Solar modules carry a 20-25 year power output warranty which means that the manufacture guarantees the panel will still have 80-85% of its original output capacity after 20-25 years. However, their lifespan may actually be double the warranty period.  Inverters typically have a ten year warranty.  Our installer warranty is ten years as well. These are state mandated terms and are the same for every contractor. All Solar Electric uses the highest quality equipment with proven track records so your system is built to last.

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