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Can solar provide all the electricity I need?  Yes!  We can design a system that will provide the power you need at your current usage. If you anticipate adding a spa or pool, or increasing your usage, that can be factored in as well. Some of our customers have converted their appliances and water heaters to electric, best utilizing their solar power. 

Can I run my pool, spa, AC with solar? Yes, your home will operate just as it does now because the power your system generates flows into your electric meter. Your electrical appliances are not affected by the source from which the energy is generated. 

Do I need batteries?  Grid interconnected solar systems do not require any storage batteries. Excess energy produced flows back into the power grid giving the customer a credit towards future use. In essence, the grid is the storage facility. Battery backup systems for emergency power failures are available, but are usually not cost effective unless the customer experiences long periods of power outage.

What happens on a cloudy day?  A solar system will still produce some electricity on cloudy days, but the output will be reduced. At these times or at night, you will draw on your 'credit bank' of kilowatt hours created on high output days. 

What kind of maintenance does a solar system require?  The system works best with a simple washing of panels, especially during our dry California summer months. 

How do I know if it's working?  The inverter has operational mode, indicator lights and a digital display. 

What is the lifespan of a solar system?  Solar modules carry a 20-25 year power output warranty which means that the manufacture guarantees the panel will still have 80-85% of its original output capacity after 20-25 years. However, their lifespan may be actually be double the warranty period. Inverters typically have a ten year warranty.  Our installer warranty is ten years as well. These are state mandated terms and are the same for every contractor. All Solar Electric uses the highest quality equipment with proven track records so your system is built to last.

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