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Utility rates are currently rising about 6.7% per year. This is up from the 5-6% rate increase only two years ago. Your electric bill has nowhere to go but up... unless you convert to solar. Whether you purchase or lease a solar system you are protected from utility rate increases.

When you convert to solar, you receive no electric bill. Instead you receive a monthly report of the power your solar system has generated as well as your power usage. At the end of the year, you receive a True Up bill. Our systems are designed to bring you the power you need to provide your energy needs.

If you purchase a system, your loan payment replaces your electric bill. Loan payment amounts are often similar to what you used to pay the utility company. However, now you are buying rather than 'renting'.

When your loan is paid off, your energy is free and clear. The ROI on a system can be as little as five years.

Let's compare two families, one who converts to solar and one who doesn't.

Joe and Jeff are two neighbors with average electric bills of $300 per month. Joe and Jeff both have 3 bedroom houses with central HVAC and two teenagers. Joe wishes he had a hot tub, but knows how much electricity they use so he never got one. Jeff loves his hot tub, especially since he doesn't cost him anything to run it.

How is this possible? Meet Joe and Jeff.

How long before you see a return on your solar purchase?

  • Immediately: Your monthly payment will be invested in your own energy system rather than throwing it away. Stop 'renting' your electricity from a corporate entity, getting nothing in return for the hundreds of dollars you shell out every month.
  • Immediately: The appraisal value of your house increases by approximately the same amount as the cost of the system. This is very good news whether you are staying in your home forever or you sell it in a few years.  You will retain the value of the system in a financial sense, and you will increase its sales appeal! 
  • At the end of your tax year: The interest on your loan is tax deductible.
  • When your loan is paid: Your electricity is FREE for life!
  •  Want to sleep better at night like Jeff? Stop paying big bucks for power that you can produce with a cost-effective solar power system. Call us today for a consultation. 530-671-6702
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