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Layers of airborne dust can build up on your solar panels, reducing the ability of your system to perform at full capacity. When the panels are dirty, less sunlight is able to be absorbed into the cells and less electricity is generated. The potential energy loss can range as high as a 25%.

Each solar panel is only as effective as the weakest panel on its string which means that if one part of one panel is dirty, then the output of the entire string is reduced. In dollars and cents, this means that every day that the condition persists, countless hours of solar energy cannot be harnessed by your system, costing you a significant amount of money. 

The Heliotex Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System ensures that your panels are producing power for you at their peak every day. The systems can handle any size photovoltaic system, from small residential to major industrial, and can be programmed to wash your panels as frequently as your area conditions dictate. The system is low-maintenance; the average home needs only refill the cleaning solution and filters about twice a year.

All Solar Electric is an authorized seller and installer of Heliotex products. We can specify for your panel array and install it at any time, to an existing system or one we are designing for you.

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